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I understand that dealing with the cable company can be a bitch but I am just getting really aggravated here so I need to blow off steam. September 10th, my boyfriend and I found an apartment we decided we wanted. We put a deposit down so we could move in on Oct. 1 and he went online to sign up for Cablevision's Optimum Triple Play which is phone, cable and internet for $90/month. He got a confirmation email which said he would be called within a few days with an appt. time.

Fast forward a week and I asked about the appt. He hadn't heard anything so I asked him to call them. The cablevision customer service rep. then told him his order was put on hold because the woman still living in the apt. hadn't cancelled her cable yet. He asked why no one called to tell him this after he'd gotten a confirm online and the woman just blew him off. She then said to call in a few days to see if the tenant had called them.

After that, we asked the landlords of our new place to tell the tenant to call to cancel her cable as we wanted this stuff put on as soon as possible after the move. For me, the internet is necessary because I do freelance web development. My boyfriend loves his cable tv and works a lot of nights so he wants tv during the day.

The bf called back a week later and the damn tenant still hadn't cancelled the cable. My bf asked about what we could do if she never called to cancel. The rep. had no clue and my bf didn't push her. I wasn't going to wait till we moved to have to deal with this so I called myself and spoke to a rep. who didn't have an answer easier. I honestly wasn't rude but I pressed her to find an answer for me. She put me on hold and came back to say that if the current tenant didn't turn off her cable by the time we moved, we could bring a letter signed by our new landlord to a cablevision walkin center. I thanked her and that was that.

Come the move-in day and I called the cable company cause we decided that I'd put the cable in my name. I called and the tenant never turned off the cable. So I said I would bring a letter to the walk-in center. This rep. told me we needed a lease or utility bill. What? I was told something different before and we didn't sign a lease. Also, since we just moved we didn't have a utility bill yet. I was pissed.

I managed to get the previous tenant's work number from the landlord and called asking her politely (I promise) to turn off the cable. She called that day and requested it be turned off. I called that night only to be told that now we couldn't make an appt till AFTER her cable went off in two weeks. I asked why it took so long and I was told that turning off cable wasn't a priority and they needed to send a technician or something to turn it off. I hung up before I started cursing. Not once before this were we told that it took two weeks to disconnect the previous tenants cable.

Called back two weeks later and I was almost all signed up when I was told that I don't qualify for the price promotion cause I had cable two years ago. Fine. That I get. My boyfriend hasn't had it before so I asked about him signing up and was told we need a utility account number to prove he's new to the apt. Fine.

He called con ed, got the acct. number, and the called cablevision and we FINALLY had an appt.


After mulitple calls in which we were told wrong information and weren't told about time delays and what have you ...

Two installers finally came Tuesday only to walk in the door and say that they couldn't install the cable/phone/internet because the guys needed access to a backyard three houses down. While the person who made the appt. didn't know this, the dispatcher who called to confirm our appt. did. The installers even told us that he knew it. So, the dispatcher had called the day before the appt. but never said anything about needing access to another house. If he had, we could have talked to the neighbors.

So now, we have another appt. for next week. If this fucking company weren't our only option, we wouldn't use them. Gah. I hate them with a fiery passion.

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