sunshineanlight (sunshineanlight) wrote in bad_service,

Why is this taking so long?

Bell Express Vu has to be the most incompetent satellite company EVER.
Because this is long....

My boyfriend and I bought an apartment. We were taking possesion (and moving)at the end of September. So we decided to be helpful customers and notify all of our services nice and early that we would be moving. Telephone, hydro, credit cards, etc, all no problem. Then we encountered Bell. At first there was nothing wrong with the service. My bf called early September to schedule the install after we moved. He was told at that time to call back in two weeks as they couldn't schedule the install that far in advance. So, two weeks before we moved he called Bell again - this would have been mid-September. He was told at that time that the install couldn't happen until October 18. That was 3 weeks after our move in date (this means a 5 week wait for the install). He asked why they had told him to call back if they were booking that far in advance but couldn't get an explanation. Unfortunately, we had signed a contract and there was nothing we could do. So we moved and lived without TV. October 18 finally rolled around. The tech was supposed to be at our place between 8am and 12pm. My bf had to take the day off work to be at the apartment for the tech. THE. TECH. NEVER. SHOWED. UP. Bf called 4 times during the day and was told each time that the tech would be there "soon". At 4:45pm Bell called and informed us that the tech would not be able to make the install today. I got on the phone and I escalated the call right away. The supervisor told me that a tech would be coming by on Saturday between 12pm and 5pm to install the dish. Saturday morning, 8 am, the phone rings. It is the Bell tech waiting outside for us to let him in. At 8am. While I appreciate the effort, this guy is 4 HOURS EARLY. Neither of us were dressed, in fact, we were still sleeping. The tach comes up and spends the next 2 hours fiddling with the dish. He gets it up and has the signal aligned. Go to turn on the tv and it doesn't work. Now it is a receiver problem. Since the tech can not fix it, he leaves. We get on the phone to Bell AGAIN assuming that this will be a quick painless fix. You know what they say about assumptions? Yup. Not easy. They are going to have to MAIL us a new receiver. It will take 7 to 10 working days to arrive.
We cancelled the service. Enough is enough. It is going to cost us about $100 but that is worth it to no longer have to deal with the incompetence that is Bell Express Vu.
Don't get Bell, or if you do, don't EVER move.

We went to Shaw cable that Saturday and had tv service mid-day on the Monday. Go to Shaw, they rock!
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