Bear (djmedieval) wrote in bad_service,

I ordered some records at Hard to Find Records (a UK vinyl shop with an online outlet.) Normally, when I order something from them, I have it shipped from to my work address. When you order something from them and an item is on backorder, their system generates an order automatically when the order can be filled, and always generates it with your primary (billing) address, which is my home address in this case. The postal carrier will not leave what is obviously a 12" vinyl record in the heat or cold (good on him,) so I'm forced to get it from the post office.

On 24 Oct 2005 you ordered the following items from us:

1 x MR163784 - ARMIN VAN BUUREN - SHIVERS (ALBUM SAMPLER 1) - UK(2) = £8.99

Sub Total: £0.00
Shipping: £1.49
Final Total: £10.48

We are sorry to inform you that an item(s) from your order is currently showing in stock, however we are currently unable to locate it. Our head picker will try to locate the missing item soon. If the item can not be located in 7 days, the item will be back ordered as per our terms and conditions of sale (as long as a payment card was used for the order), and the rest of your order will be shipped.

This is my response:

Okay, you know what? No. If this shipment becomes back-ordered and the order is eventually filled, your stupid computer system automatically generates an order that sends it to my HOME address, wasting about two hours of my time and making me late for work to pick up a record that was shipped to the address that was CLEARLY not the intended ship-to address when I filled out the original order (which not only pisses me off but costs you my business and word of mouth advertising, but I take my money elsewhere and therefore costs you money.)
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