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Well it is getting around that time of year where, as a military wife I have to go to what seems like a thousand different parties, all starting with the Rememberance Day ceremonies. So this means I need to get at least two outfits (a fancy dress and some type of dress suit for not so formal things) and after searching with other friends, who are in the same boat as me, needing dresses etc. We ended up in Sears.

Two of us in the group are plus sizes (me and another person) so we all went searching for the right section. We couldn't find it, so we asked a associate. I ask nicely and the response was:

"Like this store would have anything in your size."

Excuse me? Yeah, I know I am bit on the chunky side but holy hell. I have no idea what crawled up and died in her ass but you just don't say that to a customer!

And I did find that damn section, but instead I went to the manager to complain. The group of us decided not to bother with that place and went to another branch.

Still didn't find anything. *growl*
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