Kelly (kellyl) wrote in bad_service,

It's a miracle this girl still works there...

A couple of days ago, my Dad wanted me to go in and pick up a heat up pizza for dinner. Noooo problemo.
Ten minutes away from where I live is a very small town (under 2000 people) and there's a itty bitty IGA where we just pick up small things.

There's this girl who works there who I used to go to school with (I now go to school in the city rather than town) and she's one of those snotty, 15 year old prissy girls. Let's call her Rat Face because all of the drugs she's done has completely diminished her looks.

CW - Rat Face's co-worker.
RF - Rat Face.
Me - The beautiful, dashing seductress girl wearing a dress shirt and tie.

CW: Well, I'm off. Rat Face, will you take care of this girl's shopping?

Me: *Swears very loudly in my head*

RF: FINE! *Stomps behind the register and grabs my things, throwing them down*

Me: Could you please be a little more careful? That milk is in a glass container.

RF: I'M BEING CAREFUL! *Slams another bottle down and it breaks* SHIT!

Me: *Sighs softly* I'm going to get another one.

RF: GO RIGHT AHEAD! I'm adding the broken one to your bill!

Me: ...Eh, no you're not. You're the one who broke it.

RF: *screams in a whiny voice* NOOOOOOOOOO!

Me: Fine. Whatever. I'll be talking to your manager after you ring this all up.

RF: *Mumbles softly* Slut.

Me: Excuse me?

RF: *Looks up with a fake, innocent expression* I didn't say anything.

Me: *Slowly shakes head, opening wallet and getting money to pay for my purchases*

RF: *As she rings it up, glaring at me up and down*

Me: *Notices that she's glaring at me* ...Is there a problem?

RF: Why is your hair black?

Me:...........Eh...I was born that way?

RF: Are you some kind of goth or something?

Me: You know what? I'm done with your attitude. *Calls out to a superior*

To say the least, she's getting her hours cut. It seems like she was either really thick or just begging to get fired.
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