Savvy (tayliah) wrote in bad_service,

My Camera! (Best Buy)

Back around May I bought a Canon Powershot A510 from Best Buy. Love it. No problems with it. The purchase came about as a result of a Kodak digital that just stopped working. The Kodak wasn't under any kind of warranty. So I made sure to give this one 4 year coverage.

At the end of September my Canon just conked out, mid-zoom, the retractable lens was froze and the screen would blip on for about 5 seconds and die out. Didn't drop it, didn't get it wet, not quite sure what happened. Anyway, I took it in to Best Buy, dropped it off and they sent it off. They said it would be no later than October 10th and "we'll call you". October 10th comes and goes, I call every few days wondering what is going on. I get bounced between customer service and the "geek squad". I'm told their vendor is waiting on a part and again, "We'll call you".

So yesterday I was done. Done waiting, I don't care about the part, give me my camera back and I'll take it to a local shop and have them fix it. I want my camera back. It's nearly a month! Suddenly, i'm told my camera is unrepairable and there is a note on my service order to approve me for a replacement. Cool, great.

Today, I go in to pick up my replacement. Easy enough, right? Wrong. Best Buy no longer carries the Powershot A510. "You can replace it with the A520." I ask the woman helping me what the difference in features were and she assures me they are virtually the same. I tell her I want to do my own research first. So i go home, check out the Canon website. Similar yes, but the A520 excludes some features that I was comfortable with. The A510 has a faster shutter speed, multimediacard support and has recordable sound with movies. I go back, explain this to them. I also told them that the A510 is still being made and sold by other retailers.

They are pushing this other model on me, in other words, it's this model or nothing. I'm seriously not trying to be difficult, I just want my camera back. I told them I don't want the A520 or even anything better! I asked them to return my camera to me - no (no??). I asked them to refund the original sale price so i could repurchase the A510 elsewhere - no. So I left with no camera and no resolution. Through this whole thing i've been nice, i've been patient and i've been polite and I have not gotten the same in return. In addition i've been a great customer, I love Best Buy, I bought my washer/dryer there, TV's, computer accessories, dvds, cds, xmradio, etc. But after this, I am taking my business elsewhere.

At this point, what would you do? Suggestions?
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