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I hate renting.

Hi! I'm new and I thought I'd share a horrid experience I've had recently (to get it off my chest).

I'm a college student and recently moved to a new area to go to a specific college (fantastic, btw, even if the town shuts down at nine o'clock).

Here's the deal: I'm living on a loan and have a job besides to pay for extra necessities (groceries, gas, blah). I get a certain amount each semester for rent and utilities because otherwise I would never be able to afford it.

I have didn't have enough credit to get an apartment without my parents cosigning (Must need info for the 'WTF?' part of the story). I have been a great tenant and pay my rent a week early every month (I've been there a year) so surely you can understand when I sort of freaked after receiving a delinquent notice for the month of October when I paid October's rent in September.

I rush to the office on the 14th (the day I received the notice) and a very nice woman around my age said that I was accidentally double-billed (they have a new system) and that she would take care of it. Crisis averted. I understood completely. Sometimes these things happen and she was very nice about it all.

But it happened again.

Not even a week later a different woman from that office couldn't get a hold of me (I was at work and I coudln't answer my cell) and then called my father. She proceeded to tell him that she was going to lock me out if she didn't get a money order to them by 3pm that day (it was two-thirty in the afternoon when she called him) and stated that she didn't care that I had a cat, she would lock my apartment if I didn't drop the money order off immediately.

My mother calls me at work to tell me what's going on and I'm immediately upset. (I've been having to deal with a lot of stress lately, personal and this was not helping as I'm sure you could have guessed.) I explained the situation to my boss and she was kind enough to let me go and take care of it. I called my father on the way to the apartment office and he said he pulled up my check online and told the woman at the office that he would fax her proof that I indeed paid and not only that their apartment stamp was on it.

When I got to the office the same woman who talked to my father on the phone (saying that she didn't care whether I had an animal or not) told me that she would NEVER lock someone out who had a pet and ESPECIALLY not just before the weekend.


She mentioned the new system and I told her of the notice I received not a week before. She apologized, found proof of my payment (a copy of the check for October's rent) in a file cabinet not even two feet from her desk. It was right behind her.

I really hate myself for signing a year lease three months ago. I realize that programs aren't perfect. Computers aren't perfect. They're created by people who aren't perfect and make mistakes now and again. I just wished she would have checked and made sure before she nearly locked me out. What would she have done with my pet if she had locked me out? Taken her to a shelter or left her locked inside?

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