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We're off to see the Wizard


I ordered some stuff from a store thing on a well known website (that reminds one of being in.. shall we say, a rain forest) on October the 5th. I got my confirmation and all was fine. It was supposed to arrive somewhere between the 12th and the 18th so I waited. It didnt come. I figured, hey.. maybe it's just taking longer than expected and it's going to be here soon! I checked the service rating on the company and saw a handful of people say it took extra long to get their package, so I was momentarily consoled.

I was getting a little anxious and decided to email the company and make sure everything was ok. They emailed me back and said they were about to contact me because they'd received my package back with an "Insufficient Address" stamp from my local post office. I checked the address.. everything was fine. I called the post office. "Oh... yea... we had a temp in that week, and she probably sent it back." Thanks a helluva lot there, champ!

The company says I now need to send them a prepaid shipping label to get my package. Because of your moron temp, I get to pay shipping twice, plus $4.30 to mail the label to them priority so they get it by the latest ship date I could choose when I printed it online (which was this Friday). The reason I had to print it online instead of taking care of all of it at the post office? Well... see.. another brain-child of these morons... "we dont do prepaid shipping labels here. You can send him enough stamps to cover the cost, though." Uhhh.... $6 worth of stamps to stick to the box? Good plan there, goatboy.

I'm not sure who to be mad at! The company has worked with me exceptionally well to take care of this, but I completely understand it's not their fault the stupid temp sent it back. Nevertheless, I'm not entirely convinced I should eat the cost of reshipping because of her. But the post office is full of incompetent schmucks living in their cranio-rectal world and there's no way THEY're eating the cost. I just want my stuff.............

(I mailed the shipping label, and assuming they get it by Friday and get it shipped, all should be well, as my address is the return and the ship to address. I shipped it priority, because they didnt offer an overnight option anyway. I'm not sure what will happen if they cant ship by Friday. Hopefully the post office in Washington is more competent than the one here.)

Edit/Update: I called the National Post Office place (or whatever) and he said it shouldnt be a problem to get reimbursed. He told me the form to ask for and fill out and gave me the direct number to Customer Affairs should that not work.
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