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Last night was one of the nights where the weather in South Carolina was deciding to be fall like and cold after a few days of heat. I had 2 dollars in cash and some money on my debit card. I went down the road to Ingles , since it's insanely close.
I grabbed some soup and headed to checkout since I would have to put the dollar bills in and then pay the remaining from my debit card. I scanned my rewards card and then glance up at the screen to notice a sign right by it that side the systems were down and they were only taking cash and checks.
This happens from time to time, and while it is frustrating..I wasn't upset about that. I was pissed off that no one had thought to put those same signs of the doors to the grocery store.
I realize that even if they had some people still wouldn't have noticed..but I'm usually good at looking for signs on the door to see if anything is going on.
I talked a to a friend later that night that works at the gas station for that grocery store and she said the systems had been down since that morning when she was at work.
Perhaps I'm being picky but it just makes sense to me..if you are going to put signs on every register..make up a couple more to put on the doors.
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