d_s (donnaidh_sidhe) wrote in bad_service,

thanks for the help!

Here's a little e-mail exchange with someone from Western Wedding Boots that didn't get WTF until the very last e-mail.

Me: With regard to your A stock knee-high boots (the ones on the bestsellers list), how do you do your sizing? I would love to buy a pair, but the prices are a bit steep if I don't know whether the boots will fit properly or not.

Her: Send me the actual length of your foot from heel to toe. Also, what size do you normally wear in a women's dress shoe?

Me: I normally wear a size 10, though this varies wildly depending on style (10 is the smallest size I've worn comfortably). Standing, my feet are 10.5 inches from heel to the tip of the big toe and 3.75" across the widest point. I measure 17.25" around the widest point of my calves, as well.

Her: Since you wear 10 go ahead and order size 10 online.

Me: Could you send me the measurements for a size 10?

Her: It is not customary for us to do this.

It is not customary for me to shell out over $200 (U.S.) for a pair of boots that'll cost $35 to ship back if they don't fit, either.

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