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Bodacious Barbeque Woes

After mom picked me up from school today, (I don't drive..obviously) we headed out to this BBQ place that has sloppy joes for 75 cents each on Mondays and Tuesdays. The place is always empty, and the service is always slow, but the food's fairly good...even though it smells sickening because of all the hickory and bar-be-que sauce.

We pulled up into the parking lot and as ususal, the only cars there were of the employees and one customer. I counted out how much money I would need to buy four sloppy joes for myself, mom, dad, and sister and headed inside. The only customer was some old guy standing there watching the news, and there was some woman walking around behind the counters on her cell phone and one short nice looking mexican lady sweeping. I walked up to the ordering section of the counter and waited for her to notice me, which she did right away.

ML: What do you need?
Me: Four sloppy joes, please.
ML: *starts to make sloppy joes*
Me: *turns around to see what the news on the tv is then follows ML up to the pick up counter*
ML: *sets down paper bag with supposedly 4 sloppy joes in it* I'll be right back, I have to go get her because I can't check out*
(I THINK this is what she said.. I couldnt understand her excuse that well)
Me: *smiles, says Okay, and waits patiently*

Then this tall black kid came running around the corner and asked me how many I had. I told him four, and he rung me up. I counted out my change, handed it to him and he pushed the paper sack toward me. I took it, said "Thank you" and made my way back outside to mom's Explorer. When I opened the door and handed her the sack she asked me how many were in there and I told her there should have been four. She said there were only two and she got out and went inside with the bag while I waited in the car.

A minute or so after she went in the guy that rang me up came out carrying a large green plastic box that looked heavy. This white, middle aged looking woman was with him and they talked as they made their way toward his small SUV that was probably 10, 12 at the most feet away from the exploerer. I had the window partially down. They continue to talk while she unlocks the SUV and he puts the big green box in it, closes the door,and starts to get in the drivers seat.

BG: *looks over and sees me* That bitch in there is lying. You know she's got two more in the god damn car. Why the fuck people do that I don't know. Stupid whore said she had four.
WW: *nods* I don't know either. It's stupid.
Me: *wants to say something...waits*
Mom: *gets back*
Me: That guy over there was cursing you out and saying you had two sloppy joes in here and went in for two free ones.

By this time the guy was in his SUV and when mom got out, he started the engine and shut the door.

Mom: Ma'am? Ma'am.
WW: Yes?
Mom: I just want you to know that I do NOT have two extra anythings in the car. See, you can search it. *opens my door and the door behind me*
WW: *looking at something else* *barely glances up* I'm just listening to them like I always do, ma'am.
Mom: And I don't think it's right for employees to be cussing out customers while their daughters are around.
WW: Well I'm sorry ma'am. I didn't hear him cussing, though.
Me: Don't lie. It isn't becoming of you.
WW: *gasps* Well I never!
Mom: I highly take offense to being called a theif.
WW: Yes ma'am. *still reading something in her hand* Well. He's gone now.
Mom: ...*gets into exploerer and speaks through my window* Well, I've done a lot of business here. I buy from here a lot but no more. I'll take my business elsewhere.
WW: Yes'm *head still down, looking at her paper*

Then we drove off, the guy right in front of us in his SUV. I know the "I'll take my business elsewhere" doesn't really matter to emploees. -_- Whatever. It still wasn't right. Especially when he SEEN me. She could've at least not lied about hearing him.

Next time I'll check the bag. If there's a next time.
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