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i renewed my father's car registration on wednesday the 19th and got the confirmation email soon after.

cut to saturday when i checked my online bank statement and it showed that $41 was withdrawn on friday the 21st and ANOTHER $41 was withdrawn that day (saturday). so i called the 800 number today, listen to the billion automated options, in hopes i get a real person, finally i get through to the operator area, and get put on hold for 10 minutes..GRRR

when i finally get to a real person and explain what happened, she told me that she sees that $41 was sent to the rmv and i should call my bank because they don't have another $41 payment in the system from me GRRRRRRR

so i called my bank, and explained to the lady what the rmv lady said, and the first thing the bank lady said was "i should check my statement--i just renewed my registration too" and i said yep you should.

so anyways, she checked my statement, and lo and behold, they did take it out twice. she is printing me up a VERY detailed printout of dates, times, and networks they withdrew from, so i have to go pick them up...grrrr now i have to go to the damn rmv and try and get my money back
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