emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,


More weird than downright bad

I went to a...some sort of pancake house and of course, the portions are huge. (Btw, this is a flashback tale-happened years ago)
I ordered a normal single serving plate of pancakes (which is actually 3 pancakes)
I ate most of it...probably 75%
The waitress came and was taking our plates-no one in our family finished. Then she grabbed mine and the convo went like this
Her-I think you can finish your plate
Her-you can finish this food
Me-No, Im quite stuffed
Her-its going to waste and you can finish it. Its only a few more bites.
No...Im really done.
Her-**sighs, rolls eyes and walks away**

So is there something I am missing? Why didnt she try to get my other family members to finish? At the time I was really, really fat...was she insinuating something about my weight, or is that just...well, when you are overweight, many things become tied to your weight (I was sensitive about it)
Its kind of funny, but we just didnt get why she was so insistent that I MUST finish those pancakes :p

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