tonight make me unstoppable (seaforanswers) wrote in bad_service,
tonight make me unstoppable

shortage of siding companies in portland?

So I never thought I'd be posting here because I'm not very picky about service and I'm pretty easygoing... but this fiasco just completely boggled my mind.

My mother and I moved into our new hours about a year ago. It's very small and doesn't have a fireplace, and if you live in Portland, Oregon without a fireplace, you'll be miserable in the winter. All that rain. So my mom decided to get one installed, in the corner of our living room, which required sizing down the big window that we have in the front wall. She called a bunch of siding companies to get them to come out and do an appraisal. All of them were extremely flaky, a lot of them never even showed up, so we settled on the one that seemed the least flaky.

Their representative never, NOT ONCE, showed up when they said he was going to. He never bothered to call ahead and let us know why he wasn't coming, and he'd show up at random times when my mother wasn't even home. We're kind of short on options so we figure, as long as the job gets done, we'll deal with it. All in all, it took them ABOUT A MONTH to get out to our house to do the appraisal and figure out the work that needed to be done.

About a week before I left for college, mid-September, the guy showed up, tore out our big window, put up a temporary one (re: big wooden board) and left. I think he was supposed to come back in a couple of weeks to finish the work. So they've been very flaky and irresponsible in the past, but at least the work is getting done now, albeit slowly. I leave for school.

About three weeks into college, I'm on the phone with my mom. She tells me that the window only got put in that day. FOUR WEEKS after they knocked it out. That means she's been living with boards for a window for a month. And the kicker is.

The window was about eighteen inches wide.

It was supposed to be THIRTY.

And she's only getting $100 discounted for all of this.

So basically, it took them over a month to actually start the job, another month to finish it, and they did it wrong. Over that time, they've been out to our house maybe THREE times. So a job that should've taken two weeks at most took TWO MONTHS and it wasn't even done.

The BBB will be hearing from us for sure.

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