Tilly (geeksicle) wrote in bad_service,

Did I give bad service?

Cutting this because I'm not sure if it's allowed, thought I couldn't find anything in the user info. I figured you guys would be the best people to tell me if I'm a crappy waitress.

I work at the Lakeside Cafe, which (as the name suggests) is very near a large lake. Today I'd just gone on my break - for which I removed my apron and put on my own shirt rather than the uniform one - when a customer came up to me and asked me how many rose gardens were around the lake. I said (and I'm qouting because I feel the phrasing's important) "I'm sorry, I really don't know. I'm not aware of any."

This guy stared at me silently until I began to feel uncomfortable enough that I stammered "sorry" again and started to move off. The he glared at me, pointed, and said "There's one just over there" as if he thought I was lying. I shrugged and said "I'm sorry, I really just don't know, but I could ask the manager," and he told me not to but stood there, still looking at me. After a long stretch of him not saying anything, I said "sorry I couldn't be more help" and walked off to have my break.

When I got back, my manager told me that there'd been a complaint about me. This man told her that I'd been rude and deliberately unhelpful and refused to try to find the answer to his question. Should I have asked the manager about the gardens even though he told me not to? Was the way I said it rude? Was ther more I could have done?

Sorry if this seems trivial, but I enjoy waitressing (I know, I'm mad) and I like to think I do a good job, so any criticisms or suggestions you can make would really be appreciated. Think of it as helping stamp out bad service =)

EDIT: Sorry, I should have mentioned - I've had this sort of thing happen before (including times when I was IN uniform) and as it's fairly obvious that being nasty to a person isn't going to make them know something they don't know, I wanted to know if people thought it was something in the way I was saying it that pisses people off, or if people thought it was reasonable that, since the lake is something of a tourist spot, that I really ought to know what's around it.
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