becca (starph1sh) wrote in bad_service,

sarah_mascera's post reminded me of this

you may wanna skip this if you're eating...

my husband and i like vietnamese food, we had a favorite place to go in san antonio, but we recently moved to dallas. luckilly there are tons of little mom-and-pop vietnamese restaurants where we live, so we set out to try some.

one night, we were finishing our bowls of pho (a type of vietnamese noodle soup) and i had picked around most of the cabbage in it to eat the better stuff. i pulled a piece of cabbage out of the bowl to find a little bug on it, on further inspection all the cabbage had little bugs on them. i had been eating stewed bug soup. i was HORRIFED.

it was a small family restaurant so brought a piece of cabbage with a few bugs up to the only person working there. she said "that not bug" WTF yes it is. there are many of them. they have legs!!! my husband had eaten the same type of soup and we were both super grossed out, wondering how many little bugs we actually ate.

after much arguing about whether or not they were bugs, all she would do was comp one bowl of soup. i seriously haven't been able to eat a bowl of pho again.

ps- don't go to noodle garden in plano unless you like bug stew!
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