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I was just reading back a few posts and was reminded of an unpleasant trip to McDonald's.

This was probably about eight years ago so I was sixteen. I went to eat with two of my friends and I was not eating meat at the time so I ordered some fries and a cheeseburger with no meat and extra pickles. I got my order and everything was fine. We sat down and I opened up my burger and took off the top bun, then dumped my fries on the wrapper so I could put some fries on in place of the meat, yanno?

Anyway, when I dumped the fries out, the body of a fly came tumbling out as well. It was very obviously a fly. Granted it had been deep fried, but you could still kind of see the shiny bits on its back well enough to know it was a bottle fly, and a fairly good sized one to boot, though it only had five legs.

I took the fries back up to the counter and showed them the 2/3s of a fly that came along with them. They were very apologetic and tossed all my garbage in the trash immediately and went to go get me some more fries. At that time, a friend came from the table up to the counter to get some condiments or something and we started talking. I waited for about two minutes for my fries and she stood and waited with me. I was fine with that 'cause I figured they were making another batch.

I get my fries, she gets her ketchup or whatever and we go back to the table where I dump out my fries again.

And I find the head and the missing leg of the fly.

Apparently they did not make a fresh batch of fries. Stupid me for getting distracted by my friend instead of eyeing them like a hawk while they re-prepared half of my meal.

In any case, I took the fries back up to the counter and got my money back.

And that's just one of the reasons I hate McDonald's and I can no longer bring myself to eat there.

At least they weren't rude about it. Just a slight bit on the incompetent side. =P

(p.s. whoops! i totally almost just posted this to bad_sex. bahaha.)
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