Fortune depends on the tone of your voice (bopeepsheep) wrote in bad_service,
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

Dominos pizza. Bleah.

I hate Dominos, they make me itch.

Our first pizza tonight arrived 'free' to the bemusement of the driver and me, but minus the side orders. Open it up while on the phone to the store to request our side orders and find out why we didn't have to pay, and lo and behold it has 3 of our requested 5 toppings and one random other, making it a roast chicken, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, and tuna pizza. Which was odd, and nearly cold by the time I tried any. It's not bad but I doubt we'll order it again.

Turns out that when my husband said he'd like to pay by credit card, the dippy woman on the other end said 'ok' and then put the phone down on him. He went out to get cash, assuming she'd continued to be dippy and had pressed the wrong button. Meanwhile she apparently pressed 'credit' and completed the transaction, without his credit card number or details. Clever trick. Free pizza for us. The manager comped it off his computer and arranged for one with the correct toppings and side orders to be sent out, and I paid for that with my card. (Yeah, two pizzas, but we like reheated pizza so it will serve as tomorrow's lunch.)

The second pizza turned up, hot, with side orders, less than 20 minutes later, so all was well until we opened it and discovered that they'd put two pieces of pineapple into it. Which I'm allergic to, hence the itching, as I made the mistake of picking a piece out and saying 'what is this - oh shit' as it started to burn my finger. I haven't phoned back to complain because at least I didn't actually eat it, and at this point I don't know what the hell we'd do with a third pizza. (They don't give credits for future pizza, just replacements.)

Gah. Maybe it's time to see if Papa John's have sacked all their incompetent staff and hired better ones next time we feel the need for an expensive takeaway grease hit?

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