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Long time lurker, first time poster :) I've been very happy that I didn't have any horrible stories to post..until today.

Last Friday 10/14, I went to Nirvana Massage Therapy and paid $25 for a month of unlimited tanning. I thought this was very cheap as the last time I needed to tan before our last vacation, I was seeing prices for around $50 for unlimited tanning at other salons.

I had my own tanning lotion left over from then, and so for this first week, used my own supply. Today, I was out of lotion and needed to buy a new bottle. I honestly didn't mind the prices ($26-$51) for the bottles, even though they are a bit expensive. However, when I am buying a bottle of indoor tanning lotion and I am asking the lady behind the counter for advice, I expect the employees to have some knowledge of the products their salon is selling.

I had glanced over all the bottles and picked up one that I thought didn't have any *tinglies*, coolants, bronzers, etc. I even held up the bottle and asked the lady (who looked to be about 65-70 and PALE so she obviously doesn't tan - I know, my misake, right?) if this bottle was the only one they had that did not come with bronzers. She nodded. I asked her if I needed to pay for it now and she said no, wait until I was done with my session.

So, I go into the room, slather the lotion all over me and hop in the bed for my 12 minutes. When I got out of the bed and started dressing, I looked in the mirror. I was ORANGE! Orange streaks all over my legs, back and stomach and my palms were bright orange. I then looked closer at the box and saw that it did, indeed, have bronzer in it.

I walked out and questioned the old lady again. She stayed quiet. I told her that I knew I should buy it because I had used it once, but I had thought that it didn't have bronzer in it. I even showed her my streaked leg. I asked her if there was anything else they had that didn't have bronzer in it. She just stared at me. I gestured to the shelf of bottles and asked if that was all they sold. She nodded. I asked if there was anything I could do. She shook her white-haired head and said, "That's twenty-six dollars."

I honestly didn't know what to do. It was my fault for not reading the box/bottle closer, but I had held up the bottle and questioned her about it. I paid the money unhappily and walked out.

On the drive home, I got angrier and angrier, to the point where I was crying by the time I got to my apartment. My husband heard my story and called there. He had a conversation with her about the lotion, about whether they could give me a refund, etc and was told over and over by the now verbose, and totally full of attitude old lady that it was not possible as I had already used it. That's fine. Then he started to question her about a pro-rated refund for the three weeks that I wouldn't be using as I wouldn't be coming back to the salon because I didn't want to go where the employees were clueless about the products. She stated that that wasn't possible either.

Here's the gist of the conversation:

BOL - Bitchy Old Lady
GAH - Getting Angrier Husband

GAH - why can't my wife get a pro-rated refund for the time she won't be using?
BOL - we don't give refunds.
GAH - why not?
BOL - we just don't.
GAH - I'd like to speak to your manager please.
BOL - I am the manager.
GAH - you're the manger? Well, you're doing a bad job of customer service here. My wife was in tears, she's streaked orange, and doesn't want to go back to the salon.
BOL - That's not our fault, she should have read the bottle closer.
GAH - I'm not asking for a refund of the bottle now, I'm asking for a refund of the unused time.
BOL - I'll have to talk to the owner.
GAH - Wait, you're the manager and you can't make decisions about whether to give a customer a refund?
BOL - that's right.
GAH - Can I speak to the owner?
BOL - no, that's not possible. She's out of town.
GAH - does she ever come into the salon?
BOL - no
GAH - is there a number where I can reach her?
BOL - no
GAH - well, I'd like to speak to her.
BOL - you can't. I'll talk to her and get back with you.

At this point, hubby is angry, but still very polite (I wish I had that skill).

GAH - what do you do when you receive other complaints?
BOL - you're the only people that have ever complained
GAH - I find that very hard to believe and...

She hung up on him. I called her back a few minutes later and told her I'd like to leave a message for the owner. She's totally full of attitude at this point and is just snapping at me. I told her that I understood that I should have to pay for the bottle of tanning lotion since I did use it, even though when I questioned her about it, she just stared at me and nodded, kind of blowing me off. But, since I wasn't planning on going back to the salon anymore due to her ignorance of the products they were selling, I'd like a refund. The conversation went around in circles again with her saying she'd have to talk to the owner. I said I didn't want to hear back from her, I'd like to leave a message for the owner. She said, "fine, you're message has been left." I said that if I didn't hear back from the owner by Monday that I'd call the better business bureau. She said, "Fine, you're welcome to do that." I also said that due to her attitude, I was going to tell everyone about the horrible service I'd received from that salon. I'd post it on the internet, in my blog, on all the bad service sites I could find. She replied, "You're welcome to do that too."

I ended the conversation with, "I don't want to hear back from you. I will expect a phone call on Monday from the owner regarding my pro-rated refund. If I don't get it, you will hear from the better business bureau. Have a great day and a horrible weekend."

Maybe not the most mature thing in the world to do, but I was very, very angry.

I do accept fault for not paying attention to the box/bottle and reading it closer. I accept that I have to pay for the bottle since I used it. However...I did ask her for clarification before I used it. I trusted that a person who was working at a tanning salon knew about the expensive products they were selling. I'd never had a problem with that before.

The bad service is the ignorance of the products, and the attitude I received when I requested a refund on the phone. I will be posting this in my personal LJ, the bad service LJ, and anywhere I can find a Chattanooga, TN bad service forum on the internet. I will tell all of my friends, and if I don't hear back from the owner on Monday, I will be filling a complaint with the BBB. It's not the amount of money as much as the terrible attitude and service I received from a woman who looks like she could be my grandmother.

And I'm fucking ORANGE! I should go as a pumpkin to the costume party I'm going to tomorrow night.
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