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bus driver

This happened a while back and I think I understand the reason behind it but it was still bad service.
I take the bus to and from work. I was on my cell phone (which I normally don't do while on the bus or at the bus stop, but it was an important call that came at the wrong time.)I was waiting for the bus to go home and saw it about half a block down. Traffic was pretty bad and it was just sort of inching forward. I kept my eye on it until it finally got close to me, at which point it began to pull out into traffic rather than toward the curb. I put up my hand thinking maybe the driver hadn't realized I was waiting and the bus pulled over and the doors opened. This conversation ensued.
Driver-where the hell do you get off?
Driver-I have been opening and closing my doors trying to get you to get on all the way up the street.
Me-I'm sorry I didn't notice.
Driver-Yeah well, you want me to come all the way over here-
Me- Are you just going to yell at me then?
Driver-I'm not yelling at you don't get crazy on me-
Me-Look, just let me off the bus, I'll wait for the next one.
So I got off and waited and got on the next bus. Now, at the time I thought wtf, this woman is crazy and mean and just what? It actually really hurt my feelings cause it had already been a bad day and I hadn't meant to do anything wrong. I discussed it with a friend later though and she said that the driver who was black probably thought that I (I'm white) thought I was too good to go over to where she was and then wanted her to come to me. I have no idea if this was the reason, but I actually hope it was because it kind of makes sense and means that the woman was not just randomly abusive. (It's still bad service though.)
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