I need a venti coffee....STAT! (dbaxdevilsfan) wrote in bad_service,
I need a venti coffee....STAT!

UGH. Ok, so my boyfriend called earlier this week and ordered our supply of firewood for the winter. He's told they can deliver it today in the morning. Great. He takes a half day off from work, and stays home, that way once it's delivered, he can stack it. Well, the morning passes by, and at noon, he calls them to find out why we haven't gotten a call or a delivery. He's told that they can't find any drivers to make the deliveries. WTF? Why schedule deliveries if you have no drivers? So, he reschedules the delivery for Thursday (the 27th) for after 4pm. At 12:50, as we're getting ready to walk out the door so I can drop him at work & go do shopping for this weekend (his parents are coming up), the phone rings. It's the wood place calling to tell us they can't deliver the wood today, and would we like to reschedule it. O_O BF proceeds to tell this girl (not the same one he spoke to earlier) that he called in an hour ago, and has already rescheduled it for after 4pm the 27th. She then says "we can't deliver it after 4 blah blah blah". So Jim (BF) says "I have already scheduled it, and it wasn't an issue" (he wasn't rude about it, he just stated a fact to her). She checks something, and tells him that they'll be out on Thursday after 4.

So, a half day of work missed, for no reason, AND, they couldn't bother to call earlier to let us know they weren't showing up.
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