She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

As a bit of a backstory, I had an absolutely horrible day at work today, which caused me to end up in tears at some point. It might become a customers_suck story if I feel up to it. Needless to say, I had puffy eyes, and my eye makeup was completely gone, and I looked and felt drained to boot.

Anyway, after work I decided to pop by the grocery store and pick up some diet Pepsi, and some lunch items for next week. Retail therapy even works on me if it's boring old grocery shopping. This probably makes me an absolute nerd. I'm ok with that.

So, I make my way to an open register - nobody in line. Score! The cashier sees me walking up, says nothing, and walks away. I shrug and start putting my stuff on the belt anyway, and see she has gone over to help another cashier. Fine. It's late, there aren't many people here, I can hang. A small line forms behind me, and my cashier looks our way several times, but never says anything. (She was only one register away, not like she couldn't speak to us without shouting.). No "I'll be right there", no acknowledgement of an exsistance of a rapidly growing line.

She came back over and scowled at me. I swear! As she was about halfway through my items she uttered her first statement.

C: You look like hell.

Me, being determined not to pass my cranky mood onto anyone else simply replied:
"Yeah, it was a bit of a rough day at work"

Cashier then shoots me the Evil Eye. Trying desperatly not to make this a bad situation as I've had enough of those today I asked "Have you had a rough day too?"

C: You know I'm probably 20 years your senior and I have to listen to you complain about your nice cushy job while I ring out your groceries. I'd say that's a pretty bad day, wouldn't you?

Me: o_O

People in line behind me: o_O

I am guessing she assumed I have a "nice cushy job" because my uniform is dress slacks of my choice (my choice being the black ones that go with my black suit) with a grey dress shirt with [Wireless Company's] logo on it. Granted my job is a slight step above retail or food, but I work in the mall in a jumbo sized geometry lesson (aka a kiosk). It's not like I'm someone important, or get much, if any more respect than your average customer service employee for that matter.

C: $17.45

Me: *Swipes card, enters pin*

C: *shoves receipt at me, scowls again*

I walked away not saying anything to her or speaking with a manager just because I *knew* that after the day that I had today, I stood absolutely no chance of keeping my temper in check. Instead I noted the cashier's name and the register number, and I will call tomorrow when my first reaction isn't to explode.

But seriously. I wouldn't even bother except I'm sure I'm not the first or last to fall victim to this woman's poor mood. Ugh.
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