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I think that waiting tables should be considered a profession. It requires skill in food handling, impeccable customer service skills, the ability to maintain a high level of patience, and lots of physical energy. I have a lot of respect for restaurant servers who take their jobs seriously, and I tip them well.

I was with a group of about 7 people. My bf and I had been sitting elsewhere and then took our beers (which we got from another waitress) to the larger group. 15 minutes later, we were out of beer, and no one else in our group had been asked if they wanted drinks. I went to the bar to ask someone to find our waitress, who was nowhere to be seen. 5 minutes later, she appeared, served the table next to ours and left again.

Finally she came back and asked "does anyone here need anything?" Well, yes, there are several empty glasses on the table and all our menus are stacked on the edge; we are ready to order, and have been for some time. She got annoyed with me when I tried to order 10 wings (sorry, I didn't know I had to order 12s, most restaurants around town order in 10s). She took the rest of the orders and left.

Three times in a row, she delivered a beer to our table and slammed it down, causing a spill.

Fifteen minutes later our wings arrive. Cold. Clearly this one was not the kitchen's fault.

At the end of the night, some of the group left and three of us remained. She had split our bill two ways, but insisted that it had actually been split three ways and that one girl had not paid her. Then she said we would have to pay that girl's bill. We knew everyone had paid up, so we left the restaurant.

My town is full of restaurants where the service is terrible, and I don't understand why. Don't the managers/owners care about this?
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