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Dear Pizza Delivery boy -

I am a poor collage student. I make $89 at my job every other week. My fiacee makes only $40. Ordering a pizza is a big deal for us. But we really wanted one, and understood the fact that its exspensive.

I was going to tip you. When I handed you $30.00 for a $24.05 meal, I intended to give you $2-3 out of that. However, when you look me in the eye and say
"What, no tip? Jesus your cheap. Why don't you give me (Insert item from inside doorway)."

It makes me want to kill you. I instead took my pizza and change, politely closed the door in your face.
I then called your manager, who assured me NONE of his employees would EVVVVEERRR do that to a customer!

I will never order pizza from that location again >:(
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