Lilenth (lilenth) wrote in bad_service,

Taxi troubles

Okay, I use the same Taxi service 9 times out of ten, they have the most cars in my town over 100+ I believe. I also have worked as a Taxi controller, I'm not rude, demanding or abusive to the controllers.

Tuesday I went to get my shopping, finished it up and rung the taxi office, a guy answers the phone:

Guy: where from, where to... yadda yadda
Me: I'm at "insert store", I'm going to "insert regular address here".
Guy: No problem on it's way.

I go outside and wait, and wait, and wait. 10-15 minutes later, I go and ring back, this time a lady answers the phone.

Lady: This is yadda yadda company.
Me: Hello, I booked a car from "this store" in "my name" going to "my address".
Lady: I already told you I haven't got anything available there.
Me: O_o no I spoke to a guy and he told me it was on it's way.
Lady: I have no booking for there except one going to "insert name of road nobody in their right mind would take a booking for since at that time that road to it is full of traffic due roadworks"

A bit more arguing, I told them to forget it, turned around and bumped into a friend who kindly gave me a lift home. Still it's not so much the fact that I didn't get my Taxi, it's that they lied to me and then tried to make out I was lying saying I had not rung and they'd told me something different. That's what pisses me off, if you don't have a car available for me, tell me so I can arrange something else for gods sake. It's not THAT hard, I don't get abusive, I don't cause trouble, I just want the blimmin truth.

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