Aimee (bubblebobble) wrote in bad_service,

cheesecake factory

ok i've figured it out. servers assume the teenages/people in their mid 20s are crap tippers. well of course we are when we get crap service.

me adn my bf(both mid 20s) went to cheesecake factory for lunch today. i have been there before with my mom and had EXCELLENT service. well that went out the window today. our server ignored us. never refilled our sodas, and walked by us about 5 times during the 20 minutes we were done eating and waiting for the bill. then as he handed it, i had my credit card out so it would be faster. he watched me holding it out, yet still dropped the bill folder and left. he was gone for another 15 minutes. he was aso ignore the tables around us we noticed.
so tomorrow im going to see about contacting the manager or someone. i know the servers name. and as my boyfriend said, as great as the food was-the service made him not want to go there ever again.

it should be noted that we are good tippers. sometimes huge tippers. but is it too much to ask fr a refil of soda and to not be left sitting there waiting for 20+ minutes?
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