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Grrrrr I hate UConn

Here's a draft of a letter I am writing to my housing coordinator regarding hot water problems...

Dear Ms. SoandSo,

I don't know who else to contact regarding my complaint, so I decided to send it to you as the housing director in charge of Whitney so that you could notify the appropriate party.

I live in Whitney, and we haven't had hot water this weekend in the 2nd floor womens showers. I've gone back and forth several times trying to shower and the water is usually COLD, or lukewarm at best. Taking a shower in these conditions is an experience to be suffered through rather than enjoyed. I personally have forgone showers because I can't take one without shivering the entire time.

I've also noticed this problem on other weekends without complaining, but it's getting ridiculous. The housing contract, under section 4d promises: "Exclusive of unanticipated weather events and building system failures that may disrupt service, the University will provide adequate light, heat, electricity and hot water to residents using all available resources".

I do not find that not having hot water in the showers (but still having hot water in the sinks, so obviously this can not be a result of a "building system failure") for an entire weekend to be adequate. Entire weekends without hot water is in essence a violation of the housing contract on the part of the university.

I would appreciate it if you used your pull as a housing director to get something done about Whitney's faulty shower system. I lived here last year and we had the same intermittant loss of hot water, sometimes for a week or more.

I would like to make it clear that I do not blame you for the problem, rather, I know you're probably the best person to contact to get it resolved.

Thank you in advance for any help you may offer,
Vanessa ________
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