Belinda (belindashort) wrote in bad_service,

This actually happened a couple years ago-

But I thought I would post it anyway, because it was SOOOO bad and disgusting.

I work with a girl. We shall call her Mandy.

Mandy ordered a pizza from pizza magia the other day. It was delivered.
She paid 14.99 for said pizza, plus a tip =)

She ate one slice.

She went to eat another.

LO AND BEHOLD! there was a large disgusting matte of hair and what looked to be snot or belly lint on top of her pizza. ( It was truly disgusting folks) She vomited up her slice she had already eaten (fearing is may have had some of the same) and proceeded to call Pizza Magia.

The manager was in a meeting. He was told about the call. They went to get him>

him " So what was so important you had to get me out of a meeting"
her " this is a customer"
him " so"
her "there is a disgusting wad of hair on my pizza and I would like to get my money back"
him:" sorry we don't do that"
her "what?"
him " This isn't K-mart, you can't just return the merchandise for the returned pizza. I guess I could send you another pizza"
her" No that was so gross I don't want pizza from there anymore, can I just have my money back?"
him " what kind of pizza was it?"
her " supreme, no sausage, why?"
him " we will have it out there shortly. where were you located again?"
her "________________, but I don't want your pizza, because honestly I don't trust it. I just want my money back"
him " OH yeah __________. We have had problems with you. Maybe we should just stop delivering to you all together ( he was referring to when my boss, Sarah had ordered pizzas from him during a sale at a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT pizza place and they charged her full price. They ended up refunding her the difference"
her" are you kidding?"
him "your pizza will get there soon.

My boss was told about this
she attempted to call Pizza magia back and ask for the district managers number she was told by the manager
" I don't have it" then 'NO I am by myself here and I don't' have time to get it for you" and "No I don't' know my bosses number or last name" ( she had been put on hold twice by two different people)

the pizza man gets there
My boss shows the nasty offending piece to him. He leaves with the pizza he came in with. She told him to tell his boss that they didn't want the pizza.

skip to an hour later
Pizza Magia manager calls OUR STORE and asks to speak with our manager
"One of your employees is harassing me"
"Oh? Who?"
"I didn't get her name, but she asked for my boss and kept trying to get me to give her my bosses number"
"That was me sir, I am the manager at this store"
(it was longer than this)
basically he told us not to ever call there again and there was no way that the pizza left there with the hair on it cause he PERSONALLY inspects every pizza before it leaves. He then said that we should sever business ties and make sure that none of our employees order from there. He THEN accused US of putting the hair on the pizza and setting him up from the get go.

Anyway, after calling the district manager, and showing him the piece, she got her money back.

we tend to believe now that since he was so hostile to us that he may have tampered with the food purposefully. He was the one that dealt with my manager the last time we had a problem. That poor girl was sick and just wanted her money back. So much for customer service.


I know that it seems blown out of proportion about what it was and all that, but seriously- if you saw what was on her pizza, you would be shocked because it was THAT freaking nasty. It HAD to have been placed there. It was human hair about the size of a large marble, right underneath a piece of ham.
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