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Dumb Bagger

Ok, this bagger at Hyvee wasn't all that bad, just dumb. To give her her credit, she did a good job actually bagging; not everyone remembers to bag frozens together instead of in with the canned goods anymore. She did a good job of pissing me off, though. She and another bagger were discussing Elvises when the other girl said that Elvis had come to her school once. When it was mentioned that the only famous Elvis who could have come to her school was Elvis Costello, I piped up that that would be pretty damn cool. My bagger then claimed to have never heard of the singer, and that since I listened to him he must be old.

What the hell? Today is my birthday, and I only just turned 22!

I told her she might want to rephrase that (I admit I was a little annoyed, but I didn't pull the bitch card too hard), at which point she clarified: "If I've never heard of him and you listen to him, he must be of the 'older genre.'"

If she had been genuinely mean about it, I'd have reported her to her manager. As it was, she was just dumb and digging herself a deeper hole. I advised her to expand her musical tastes rather than look down on people because of age, wished her a good night, and left with my groceries. I know I shouldn't be so irritated at some highschooler thinking that anyone who's graduated is ancient, but dammit! I'm not that old!
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