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It was maybe 9 p.m. and I had a long night ahead of me. Went into the drive-thru Starbucks. Placed my order. The woman told me what my total would be at the window. I had about 3 cars to wait behind, but I didn't care. I got up to the window, finally

Woman: 3.95.
Me: I thought it was 3.15.
Woman: No. What did you want?
Me: *insert coffee drink I wanted*
Woman: Why didn't you stop and order it back at the speaker
Me: I did...
Woman: *rolls eyes* So you want *my drink*
Me: Yeah?
Woman: I never rang it up. It'll be a few minutes. *rolls eyes, closes window, walks away*.

Five, yeah, five minutes later she comes back over to the window. Two minutes later, she opens the window and gives me the wrong drink.

Me: That's the wrong drink.
Woman: You said *insert my drink*
Me: Yes... and that isn't it...
Woman: *looks at cup* Fuck. *gives me right drink* Bye *closes window*
Me: *Waits*
Woman: *comes back* What now?
Me: I never paid.
Woman: whatever. *takes my exact change and closes window*

What the hell is that about?

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