Lynette (lynbug) wrote in bad_service,

Wal*Mart WHAT?

I went into Walmart to pick up my vacation pictures this morning. I got back from the Dominican on the 7th, and was excited to get my pictures. My hair is still in braids, due to the fact that I haven't had time to sit down and take them out :/ (Friggin hockey season)

Anyways, I got my pictures, did a little shopping, and went to pay for my other purchases. The cashier starts ringing me up without looking at me, then suddenly just started staring at my hair. I smiled, thinking "Ok, whatever". A lot of people have asked me about my hair this past week, most say something like "That looks cool, were you on vacation when it was done?", comments like that.

The cashier hit total, and said "Why is your hair like that?"

"I was on vacation and had it done there", I said.

Her response? "Oh, well you shouldn't do that, only black people have their hair like that".


I responded with "You shouldn't be a cashier, only people with customer service skills do that".

I then went and spoke to her manager, and even told the manager my exact reply, and the manager agreed with me. I got an apology from the manager, and left.
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