down to the heart of it (onedizzylizzy) wrote in bad_service,
down to the heart of it

So, I had bad service at the Starbucks this morning, which was really sad because, well, I have high expectations for Starbucks after being with my husband, who worked there while we were dating. :( Also, I don't pay $4.29 for a drink that isn't what I ordered.

I ordered a grande no-whip pumpkin spice. They are yummy and nummy and my favourite treat during the fall. I don't like whip on it because it adds too much extra cream & sugar to the beverage.

I went over to the bar to wait for my beverage and watched the woman on bar make the two drinks ahead of mine - both skim beverages. She called and gave them their drinks and then made another one with the skim milk - and called out "grande no-whip pumpkin spice". I asked, as I had seen the pitcher labeled "non-fat" being used if it was a skim beverage. She responded yes it was and I said that I had not ordered a skim beverage (and again, I note, she didn't call it as a skim beverage, she called it as I ordered it: "grande no-whip pumpkin spice", and the beverage was not labeled a skim beverage).

She rolled her eyes and said "you wanted a whole milk?" I personally do not like the taste of non-fat milk and feel it waters down taste and responded yes, I wanted regular milk. It's just my thing, some people like/want skim.

She went back to the bar, loudly told her coworker at the bar that "its a no-whip with whole milk" in a tone that implied she thought I was being difficult for wanting something with no-whip, but regular milk and handed me a new beverage with a glare. To add insult to injury, when I took a sip (I was in a rush to work and was already out of the store by the time I took a sip), the espresso tasted burnt, as if the shot hadn't been pulled within Starbuck's normal time frame and had sat too long. (Again, husband worked at the 'bux, and thus I know they have a time frame for pulling a shot and have had much education in what a shot that wasn't properly pulled tastes like. He's a coffee nut).

I was particularly disgruntled at the rolling of the eyes, the glares and the tone of this woman's voice. I was asking for the beverage I ordered. If I had wanted skim, I would have said so. She seemed personally bothered by the fact that I had ordered something with no-whip, but wanted regular milk. I'm also frustrated at the fact that the second attempt at the beverage was, in my opinion, not prepared up to Starbuck's usual standards.

I didn't pay $4.29 for a coffee to receive something different than what I ordered, and it is a simple thing to remake it. Also, on some level? She knew she hadn't made it right - she didn't call it as a skim, she called it as it was labeled and it didn't say skim. She used the pitcher that was easiest to use for milk. Not cool.
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