sugar_spun (sugar_spun) wrote in bad_service,

HMV Revisited

Inspired by someone else's horrible HMV experience...

A friend of mine (yes a friend of mine, not me just yet) went into HMV during their sale because she wanted to purchase a pornographic DVD. Nothing graphic, one of the Emmanuelles. The teenage boy behind the counter started yelling across the store, Hey! How much is this porno! waving her DVD in the air. This lady wants to buy this porno and I don't know how much it is!

HMV put massive yellow stickers on sale items, and leave the barcode on. So it had two price stickers on it, both saying the same amount, and a barcode. She was almost sobbing by the time she came out of the shop and met us for lunch and had decided upon a boycott.

We marched her back into the shop and made her point out the offending cashier, then picked up our own copies of said DVD, heading straight for the cashier in question like marauding porno Valkyries. As he picked them up, and opened his mouth to yell, I smiled sweetly and let him yell out that I was buying porn. Then I quietly took my bag and let him do the same to my friend.

Then we smiled quietly, thanked him and went straight to the manager to explain the situation and ask for refunds on our DVDs as we were instituting a boycott based on that fool's actions. The manager, bless his overworked heart, refunded, gave us money-off coupons and as we walked out of the shop disappeared into the back room with the suddenly less buoyant cashier.

The boycott stands, except when they have a sale on and I can't resist their shiny DVD lure.
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