teartaye (teartaye) wrote in bad_service,

Why I hate HMV

Hey, I just joined. I haven't really had any over the top bad service, a couple rude cashiers here and there, but nothing terrible. 'Cept my dealings with HMV last year:

So in May last year Hanson had a new CD out called "Underneath" but silly me, I went by the American release date and not the Canadian release date, so I walk into HMV on April 20th (the american release date) and don't find it. Puzzled, I walk up to the cash register and ask one of the workers to look it up for me. I figured I might have made a mistake and they have those cool computers they can look it up on for me and tell me how dumb I am cuz I don't know how to tell the date, right?

Now, I've worked retail, and I know how annoying anything that takes up time can be if it's busy, but it wasn't! I actually browsed until every customer in the line was gone before going up!

And just the snooty attitude I got because I was asking for Hanson just made me wonder 'WTF?!' I'm not even sure they actually looked for it, because they said they had no record of it. And the whole time they were looking for it they were muttering under their breath about how someone should murder Hanson so they stopped putting out crap. I mean, I don't care if you don't like Hanson but what. the. HELL?! Strike one.

So I go home disheartened and check back the next week, hoping and succeeding in getting another worker to do the look up. Still no luck, same snotty attitude and same mutterings about how much Hanson sucks the whole time I'm standing RIGHT THERE! Strike two.

Fed up I waited a couple more weeks before trying again. Same story, yet another employee. Strike three. I was getting -really- annoyed by this point in time. That was THREE employees that had insulted me/my music taste to my face!
And the week after that they FINALLY had information on it so I preorderred the DVD version... Paid for it and everything. Admists more jeers to my musical preference.

I went to Play to buy the regular CD version, and received excellent service. Noone laughed at me. The cashier even mentioned how they'd been listening to it all morning on the store's radio and they sure sounded different. Just friendly people. Good service.

But anyway, HMV took 4 months to contact me that my DVD had arrived (was supposed to be the whole 6-8 weeks deal). I figured "whatever, something probably happened en route beyond their control." Because I'm a forgiving person like that. And when I got into the store, guess what? It wasn't there! Now, I can understand losing a CD. That would have been understandable had the HMV worker apologized and told me that he'd reorder or ANYTHING.

But instead I put up with a half an hour while the one worker looked for it of every other worker in the store trying to make me feel bad about my music choices! AAAAARGH!

I went to the Manager (who had the decency to keep his musical preferences to himself) and complained. I ended up getting the CD, finally, for only 5$. So at least some good has come of it. I haven't set foot in an HMV since though.

I don't care if you've got a fancy shirt stating HMV in purple frickin' letters on the chest. YOU. HAVE. NO. RIGHT. to judge my music like that! Do you think I'm overreacting? The whole ordeal just left a bad taste in my mouth because the manager and the one employee were the only ones who couldn't keep their "stupid teenybopper" comments to themselves until I left the store!
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