music is my life (credobacchus) wrote in bad_service,
music is my life

Oh, man...I've just got a million today...

So many things I saw today.

Where to start?


So, right now I'm studying ASL. I've only recently started, but I do alot of studying on my own, so I know it pretty well.

I was at the market today. All I had was a Butterfinger, got behind a lady with lots of stuff. That's okay, not her fault.

But soon I realize that...viola! This woman is deaf! I see her start to motion signs  at the cashier, asking if she understood. Good opportunity for me! So I told the woman that I spoke enough to get by, and would she like me to translate?

She said yes,  and I began. Totally normal conversation. Telling the woman the price of each thing (she was checking each price), asking the cashier when there seemed to be an error.

And the whole time the worker was getting more and more pissy; rolling the eyes, muttering. Then I hear her say, "dumb people, learn to speak friggin' English."

I let it go. I didn't even want to begin a war of logic with someone so obviously unarmed.

Seeing as I was translating, this whole thing took a little while longer than a normal transaction.  Finally, we were done, the woman thanked me profusely, and I stepped up as my candy bar moved forward on the belt.

 Just as it got there, the lovely woman working the register shut off the light, closed the register and said, "I'm taking my break now." And walked off.

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