Daundelyon (daundelyon) wrote in bad_service,

Jingle jingle jingle

More of a what the heck? than a sucky, but still.
This past Sunday I was visiting friends up near the Ohio State campus. Being rather hungry, one of my friends and I decided to go find some lunch. He claimed he wasn't very hungry, so I picked out a place called Charley's, which makes rather good Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Anyway, I go up and order, my friend still says he's not hungry, and I pay.
As I'm waiting for my food, my friend asks if I still have some money. Under the impression that he was going to buy some food, I handed him a five doller bill. I was wrong, all he wanted was a drink. Here's where the sucky comes in.
The drink only cost 60 cents. Fine, I had change coming. But why, oh why, was my change mostly in pennies?!? I can understand if the drawer was running low on bills, but I would have happily waited until the cashier could get more change or quarters or something. Instead I have a double handful of pennies. I just happened to be wearing a belt pouch or it could have been very uncomfortable. I jingled all the way home.
Fortunately, the sandwich was delicious.
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