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Play nice or be at the business end of my snark.

Bad service with a good ending

I had a lovely little incident at a casino not long ago. My friend and I went to a cafe in the casino and ordered some dinner. My dinner came with dessert, and our server told me that the staff at the deli counter could store my dessert in their refrigerator until I was ready to leave, just to save me a trip to the car that was parked three lots away. He gave me his pen and got me to put my name on the box, and then told me to go to the deli counter where a staff member would put it in the back. No problem-o.

An hour or so later my friend and I decided it was time to leave. I walked up to the counter and the following ensued:

RCL: Rude Counter Lady
Me: Dur ...

Me: Hi there. I have a dessert on hold in the fridge. The name is "Barstow."
RCL: *glare glare glare* *SIIIIIIIIIIIGH* I'll go check.
-- reappears few moments later --
RCL: It's not back there.
Me: Oh. I was here an hour ago and another lady served me. She was about 5'6" and --
Me: No disrespect, but I'd really like my dessert (it was a slice of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake -- heart attack in a pan) and I can assure you I didn't come earlier and pick it up.
RCL: Well, how do *I* know you're not trying to scam another piece of dessert?
Me: Another? I didn't even receive the first one.

RCL heaves another loud *SIIIIIIIIIIGH*, grabs a to-go box and proceeds to get another piece of cheesecake, slaps it hard into the box, and then literally shoves the box at me and snarls, "We don't normally do this. If you try this again, you won't be so lucky."

I was speechless. So much that I couldn't get the nerve together to ask for a manager.

Fast forward to three days later, when I went back to speak to the manager.

I went up to the deli counter and lo and behold, there was a lady standing there with a nametag that said "Susie -- Mgr." Hallelujah. Behind her was another lady but in a suit instead of the regular kitchen uniform, who apparently was Susie's boss. Kill two birds with one stone.

I explained what happened, and Susie said she would go to the back and check again. Two minutes later she emerged with a to-go box with "Barstow" scribbled on the top. "It was on the floor near the fridge," she said disgustedly. She was obviously pissed off. Not only had my dessert been thrown in the back and forgotten about, but a customer came back to complain. The other lady then asked me to describe RCL. As soon as the words "early 40s, long blonde hair" came out of my mouth, the two women looked at each other and said in unison: "Shirley." Not wanting the possibility of getting the wrong person in trouble, I was assured there was only one blonde on staff, and only one that was older than 23.

Susie's manager handed me a customer comment card and asked me to write down the incident so she could take it to the casino manager. Apparently they've had a few issues with "Shirley" in the past and they need actual testimony from patrons rather than the staff. Fair enough. I filled out two customer comment cards (I needed that much room), stapled them together and gave them to manager lady. Susie then handed me two cookies (they were about 8" in diameter, no exaggeration) and apologized, stating that the situation will be dealt with.

I went to the casino two nights ago with my brother, and while "Shirley" was at the counter, Susie was right behind her, possibly making sure she behaved herself. And she was as nice as pie. Susie saw me, smiled and gave me the "thumbs up," so it's obvious "Shirley" had a talking-to.

Oh, and I have a voucher for a free dessert.
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