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A combination of bad service and good service

Went to Burger King again, this time the one in Vandercook. (If anyone remembers my last post, I went to a BK in another town close by and got some really sucky service, namely my Tendergrill chicken sandwich only had one tiny tomato slice on it - yeah, that was me.)

So anyway, went to this BK because it's a five-minute drive from campus, and I was on campus from 1 PM to 9 PM and needed dinner. Ordered a caesar salad with tendergrill chicken, apple pie, and a vanilla milkshake. The cashier...I dunno if he was new, or mentally handicapped, but he took forever to ring up my order and didn't seem to know where any of the buttons were on the register. One of his coworkers, whom I heard say she was off the clock, stood off to the side and watched. Took maybe five minutes to ring up my order and I had to repeat myself numerous times.

I finally get my tray, and notice immediately that my milkshake is missing. So I tell the other lady. She checks the screen, then turns to me and tells me I didn't order it. Now, even if events had not played out as they did, I tell you now I would not have yelled at any of them for it - in fact I was going to pay for another one. But fortunately, the offduty coworker spoke up and said that I did indeed order a vanilla shake, because she heard me say it. I don't know whether they actually charged me for it or not, but they insisted I not pay for another one, so either I did order it and it screwed up, or I got a free shake. I was kinda scared to ask. :P

So anyway, I get to my seat and open up my chicken packet...and the chicken is stone cold. Cue WTF. Also the tomatoes were getting a little black. I picked the tomatoes out and ignored the fact that the chicken was cold enough to freeze water. On the plus side, my apple pie was quite warm and possibly the best pie I've ever had, which made up for it at least in part (it was hella cold and rainy, so I needed something warm for sure).

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