SK (shadowkat01) wrote in bad_service,

I don't believe I've ever been so humiliated in my life.

My car, well... needs some work. Lots of work, lots of expensive work. (To the tune of probably $2K)

So being my ever suspicious self I decide to get a second opinion. There's a local mechanic right down the road from where I work that's worked on my car before once when something else was wrong. I decide I'll go there, since it's close to work, and I remember the gentleman I dealt with mentioning a drop-off service.

Bad idea.

I drive up, park and walk in. One of the men working (I think the owner, but I won't swear to it.) comes out and asks me what he can do for me. I explain that I've been told my car needs work, and I don't trust the estimate I've been given. Queue the RAGE button.

He literally flips. Absolute bug nutty. At first, I think he's kidding. Then he keeps going....and going...

Screams at me about "Trust? You want trust? Didn't they ever teach you anything? Are you Republican? Are you Catholic?" I answer no on both counts...(Remember I think he's joking at this point, I can't believe he'd be serious.) Then he starts going on about "You drive a mighty expensive vehicle and you want trust. You move out of your mom & dads house for the first time, they send you off to college, they tell you not to trust strangers. But when you were in grade school they sent you off, and they brought a stranger right into your classroom in third grade. You know who that was? You know?"

I hazard a guess (I have no idea where I got it from) of the police. (Third grade in Ohio is usually the DARE program.) Turns out I'm right. He writes "Police" on a piece of paper and damn near throws it at me. By this time I've gotten the picture this dude is seriously nucking futz and I Want Out. (Also the point I start wishing I had my mace with me, cause I'm worried this dude is about to come at me physically.)

Then he goes on, demanding to know where I got the beads that hang in my car window (Mardi-Gras type plastic beads). He demands to know if I'd flashed people to get them since that's what that implies.

At that point, I'd had enough, and ever with grace say simply, "I think I'll find another mechanic. Thank you for your time." and run out in tears.

Now I'm home, and mostly past the crying in shock part. Now I'm heading rapidly toward pissed and wondering what exactly to do about this constructively (other than rant to you nice people). I don't want another young woman to go through that kind of treatment if I can avoid it. I don't know if it's that I'm 22, or that I'm female, or that I drive an SUV...but none of those require the kind of treatment I got.

Anyone have any advice?


EDIT: Thank you all for your suggestions, I've filed with the BBB, and am going to talk to the police in the morning.
FURTHER EDIT: *evil grin* Oh this gets better. Since it happened in a city too small to have a police department, he gets to deal with the County Sheriff's Office instead.
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