Rachel (prttywthapistol) wrote in bad_service,

There is this really good Thai restaurant that my friend and I love. The food is really good and the people that work there are sweethearts and always talk to us. That's why I was surprised last night.

It was homecoming and I and a few other friends decided to eat there before the dance. We walked in and were told to sit anywhere we wanted. After sitting for a few minutes a little girl comes by and asks what our names are. We we're pretty confused but told her our names. So five minutes later she comes back and asks if we are there for the party. We tell her no and she walks away. By now we've been sitting for about 10 minutes.

So.. we notice all these people walking in and going to the back room and the owner and the people that are always so nice to us... are just staring. More people come in and they just stand behind the counter glaring at us. After 30 minutes of this we figure out they're not going to serve us and leave. The second we left the restaurant they turned the sign outside to closed.

I just don't understand why they didn't tell us. If there was a party the sign should have already been turned to close or they should have told us they couldn't serve us instead of glaring at us for half an hour and waiting for us to realize that no one was going to help us.
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