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Bad service? From Sprint???

Note: while I realize that the spelling corrections in my final email are fairly petty, I will note that I work in a tech support position wherein our call logs are available to the customer upon request.

My request:
Name: Jason Allen
Form: Ask A Question Learn OR Feedback and Suggestions - Learn
Topic: Products and Services
Contact Number: 727XXX-XXXX
Question:I have the LG PM-225 camera phone. Yesterday I attempted to
delete all pictures from "My Pictures" -> "In Camera". The
pictures all were deleted, but one left behind an empty
square on the list. I cannot delete this square, and now I'm
unable to send any pictures - I get a "Please try again
later" error message when I try. What do I need to do to
clear out my picture list? Delete all does not work.
Choosing the empty square and then delete selected does not

Their reply:

Dear Jason,

Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel.

There seems to be some technical problem in your phone. I am sorry to
tell you that for this you will be required to call our technical
support by dialing 1-88-211-4727 from any landline. When the prompt
says, speak 'Wireless Web' and you will be connected to our Technical
help desk.

This issue can not be solve via e-mail. You will be required to perform
certain steps and if it is done through e-mail, it will take almost two
weeks to solve the problem. So a verbal communication is necessary to
resolve the issue. While talking to our technical specialist, please
keep your handset free to follow the instructions given.

For your convenience, I have added a note on your account specifying the
problem experience so that our Technical Specialists will have a point
of reference. This will save your valuable time.

We are committed to resolve your issues.

Sprint together with Nextel
"Where our customers come first!"

Let your Sprint PCS Phone come to the rescue while you're on the road.
And for a limited time, you can try this roadside assistance service at
no charge for 1 month.

My reply:

This issue can not be solve via e-mail.


I have added a note on your account specifying the
problem experience so that


It took me about 10 minutes of searching after sending my first request (my apologies for not doing that first) to determine that the problem sending pictures was a global issue affecting all PM-225/325 phones. With an indeterminate resolution time. No worries... it's free on my plan.

It took me about 10 seconds after reading your email response to shift from being slightly annoyed to moderately aggravated. I do not have a land line. I have chosen to use my Sprint service as my home phone. Therefore, I cannot call your support line whilst keeping my handset free. Which is why I chose to email you my support issue in the first place. While I appreciate your desire to keep me from spending "two weeks" trading emails to come to a resolution for my issue, I must confess that I have an extensive technical background... and therefore, if you could send me the troubleshooting steps en masse (as a whole), I could save the time of both myself and your phone agent.

Working in technical support myself, I understand completely that the first measures taken in an attempt to solve a problem can often meet with failure. I am willing to take that risk.

So, to recap, on my phone, in the saved pictures folder, there is an empty photo slot that I cannot delete. Delete All or Delete Selected does not work. Please advise how to remove from my phone.

Thank you.
Jason Allen
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