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Motor vehicle registration...

I see quite a few vanity plates on vehicles these days. I always wanted them but had a difficult time deciding what to pick. A few months ago I decided what I wanted but I kept putting it off.

FFWD two weeks ago while driving around doing my errands I spotted the registry for vehicles in my area and decided to stop in and ask about the vanity plates. I entered and took a number even tho there was only two other customers in the store. I sat down and a woman called my number.

I approched her counter.

Me: Good morning *smile*
Her: Yes?
Me: o_O *joy a friendly person who enjoys their job! NOT!*
I wanted to know about the vanity plates.
Her: Yes? *stone cold face*
Me: How much are they?
Her *sigh* $214.00.
Me: Can I get a name checked to see if its already taken? *had 3 variations in my mind*
Her: I guess *sigh* *glare at me*
Me: Oh! Can you check 'creepy' for me?
Her: Creepy?
Me: Yes. C.R.E.E.P.Y. creepy.
Her: o_O
Me: O_o *wtf*

She punches it in and its not taken. Great! If it would have been I would have asked for
creepee or creepie. I'm a huge HORROR fanatic and I just LOVE creepy stuff. The name suits me to a 'T'!

After I pay the $214.00 she tells me it could take up to 8 weeks and the name still has to be approved to make sure its not offensive. Me? *WTF* Offensive? If the name is rejected then they will send me the money back less $16.00 for administration fees. She told me the name could have been rejected before that's maybe why it wasn't taken! Me????? *HUGE WTF*!!! What I can't wrap my brain around is that you would think they would have a program set up to flag rejected names so the same name isn't paid for and rejected numerous times! What a stupid racket!!!! If its rejected they can shove the vanity plates up their asses!

She was blunt and so not friendly. Whatever...I hope her job sucks for her for many many years to come!
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