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Yeah, want to talk bad service?

Yesterday, I was three hours away from finishing my twelve-hour long drive to Philly. On the Garden State Pkwy in NJ, me and the friend I was with decided to stop for gas at a rest stop area while we could, since we had a loong way to go down the highway still, so even though I still had about a third of a tank, why not, we're crawling along at 15mph, who knows when we can fill up next.

Small quick background: this is a trip I needed to take for an assignment, a much-needed quick vacation, somethign I've been looking forward to, but also, something that's run me broke, basically. I had about $200 in the bank BEFORE I left, and that's it. I work full time, college full time, can't keep up, etc, all the shit we still know and all go through. Basically, I'm VERY strapped for cash.

Apparantly, it's a thing in NJ where you can't pump your own gas? This was my first time at a full service station. I give the guy my debit card, going straight to my checking account, ask him to fill it up with regular, please. He says okay, swipes the card, puts in the pump, starts it, and leaves.

My friend and I are just sitting in the car, chatting to pass the time while it fills up. It's pouring rain out, we're tired, it's late. Suddenly it dawns on me that it seems to be taking an awfully long time, and I glance over at the screen. Wait - over 50 dollars? It doesn't take that much from EMPTY. Wait - 18 gallons? I only have a 15 gallon tank, but only needed a little more than 10 gallons. Darren looks out the window - gasoline is pouring EVERYWHERE, all over the ground, just EVERYWHERE, and the price is racking up to my card. We normally would have heard this, but like I said, it was pouring rain.

We run out to stop it quickly, but there's so much gasoline on the ground that it's slippery. My sneakers are coated, and theyr'e the only sneakers that I have for the trip. My car is coated. We linger for a minute, fuming (literally as well, hardy-har-har) until the guy comes back.

"Um, yeah, the pump didn't stop itself, gasoline went everywhere, and it all got charged to my card. I can't pay for all of this, I'm really strapped for cash."
"Oh, uhh, uh, uh, that's not my fault."
"Excuse me?"
"This has never happened to me before. There's a problem with your car."
"EXCUSE me?"
"There's a problem with your gas tank. Not my problem."
"Could I talk to your manager, please?"
"He's gone. Come talk to him in the morning. There's nothing else I can tell you or do for you, this isn't my fault."

Pissed, I left, called their corporate number immediately, and spoke with someone who barely spoke English and could hardly understand me, and he told me, "Okay, well, maybe you'll get a call back in the next 5 business days? If not, I dunno, you can try calling us back if you want."

It's just, I don't know, the PRINCIPLE, really...
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