Lindsey (lsmith_2003) wrote in bad_service,

CVS - not horrid service, just annoying

You may remember my post a few months ago about the awful pharmacist refusing to fill my prescription at CVS. This is about the same store. I haven't been going there, the people at the other one are much nicer and better at their jobs.

However... last Thursday I was feeling terrible, had my boyfriend take me to the doctor for a migraine that just wouldn't go away. A week and a half of pain and puking was enough. He didn't want to go out to the "good" CVS, I was in no shape to protest, and it wasn't a big script, nothing out of the ordinary, so I figured, fine, no biggie, we'll go here once.

They say 10-15 minutes, and I ended up sitting in the store (loud, with bright lights) for over 20. They didn't have enough pills to fill my prescription. It happens. Apparently Cafergot isn't very popular anymore. So they gave me 20 (even though they had 40 there) and said they'd have the other 30 the next day when their "truck" came. They wouldn't let me pay for it though, said they couldn't charge my insurance company until they gave me the full amount. What if I never came back? The other store always lets me pay for the first half then have someone else stop and get the rest of it. No dice.

The mean pharmacist was there, I avoided eye contact, not being in the mood to cause a scene. The one who filled mine was nice (and cute). He flipped out a little about the drugs, since I'm already on a bunch of similar ones. I promised to be responsible and not take them within 24 hours of each other.

So I didn't go the next day, or the next, or the next. I didn't need it, and I got busy. Someone called me Monday. "Yeah, you know we've been having trouble getting that Cafergot from our warehouse, we should have it for you tomorrow." Actually, I didn't know, I'm glad I didn't try to pick it up yet.

I was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday I get a call, and get this from the snippy tech "Yeah, the script we filled for you on the 29th, do you still want that?"

I told her that they did NOT fill it on the 29th, they didn't fill it until YESTERDAY, and that I was out of town, but I should be back today to get it, if that was alright. I was mostly pleasant to her, but I was a bit miffed.

I mean, seriously. Boyfriend finally says "just deal with the other CVS from now on!" He had been getting cranky about driving out there (it's an extra couple of miles, the bad one is right in town).

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