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There's this school in my city that's meant for people over 18 who either want to finish highschool and get their grade 12, or upgrade and get better marks for a better chance to get into university. I fall into the upgrading catagory.
I called and made an appointment two weeks after school began this semester to find out about starting next semester. I go to the appointment and get put into classes for this semester, which was a little rushed. I was put into an extension class which means you have to go a min. of an hour a week, and hand in your assignments. If you had a good reason, and couldn't come you were given your teachers email address to email assignments in.
Since I work full-time, I was off to a pretty rough start but I still made it once a week. This has been going on for 3-4 weeks now. I missed the last week for personal reasons, and tried emailing stuff to my teacher. Well she gave me the wrong email address so I couldn't get my explanation and assingments in to her so I figured I'd wait until Tuesday since there's no school this Friday or Monday due to Thanksgiving. Yesterday afternoon I get a message from the school saying they hadn't seen me since I enrolled. Now how would that explain all of these assingments I have? The person making the call was also someone I had spoken with last week. I emailed the head person at the school yesterday asking for my teachers right email address, and get a reply today that doesn't answer my question, and says pretty much what the message on my answering machine did. It also said I should reconsider my classes there and maybe go somewhere else. WHAT?
Way to be organized, you dick-heads.

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