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Buffalo Wild Wings

Yesterday afternoon I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a few friends. We'd been in the car for awhile and I had to go to the bathroom pretty badly so right when we got there I headed for the bathroom first, as did one of my friends. The other friend went to order right away.

[If you're unfamiliar with the place, they're the kind of restaurant that's in between a sit down restaurant and a fast food place. When you first walk in there's a counter with a big menu behind it and you place your order there and then they give you a pager thingy and it goes off when your food is ready and then they drop it off at your table if you hold the pager up or you can go to the counter and get it.]

So she ordered and my guy friend goes and stands at the counter when he got out of the bathroom, waiting to order. I go stand at the counter with him when I got out of the bathroom because I was going to buy his meal as well as mine. Our other friend is standing there with her pager waiting until we order to get seats. An employee is standing there right in front of a register talking on the phone. Ok, maybe she's on some kind of job related important call, so we wait. And wait. And wait. We can see employees in the back kitchen area so I'm sure they can see us. Phone lady just keeps on talking completely ignoring us as if we're not even there even though she's facing us and obviously knows we're there. As it turns out she's definitely on a personally call as she's talking about weekend plans and other gossipy friend type stuff. I would have walked out had my friend not already ordered and paid for her food.

Finally after 10 or so minutes another employee comes over and says "you've ordered right?" I said, "No," while looking directly at the lady who was still talking on the phone. She apologizes and says that she thought we had since the other worker was right there. At first they weren't going to let me order what I wanted because the lunch menu ended at 2pm and now it was 2:01 but another employee pointed out that we'd been standing there a long time and it was well before 2 when we got there. So we order and go sit down, they didn't even give us a pager for our order because there was literally 2 other tables of people and they already had their food.

My friend gets her food like 3 minutes after we sit down and I asked the server about getting a comment card and she told me that the woman, who by the way is STILL on the phone chatting on the job, is her MANAGER! She agreed that we should be annoyed and apologized about it. My friend was done eating basically by the time we got out food, so that sucked as well. My friend also said that last time she'd been there that very same woman [Lisa something] was snippy and rude to her and her boyfriend.

What the hell kind of service is that? Never any type of acknowlegement in 10 minutes? If she dodn't want to take our order she could've called someone else over. At the very least she could've said, "someone will be with you shortly" or SOMETHING. She never even made eye contact. I plan on writing a letter to corporate because that was just crap. I also will never go there again. The foods okay but not worth that.
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