bunjamin (bunjamin) wrote in bad_service,

yo paypal, what gives?

I won an item on ebay.
Used paypal to pay $15.99USD + shipping
Wait over a month.
Send notice to buyer that item hasnt arrived.
They tell me the item has arrived (but it has not.)
I file a complaint with paypal's resolution center to recover my money.
After 2 weeks of review, paypal decides in my favor.
The seller issues me a refund of $15.99USD
I email the seller and say thank you/if the item shows up, I'll either send it back or pay for it.
The case is closed by paypal because it has been resolved.
The seller opens an appeal and it is granted.
Paypal is now asking me that I return the refund that they took two weeks to decide I deserved/was owed.

quote from paypal:
"We have reviewed the following claim and have decided in your favor. A
refund has been issued to your account in the amount of -$15.99 USD"

and later that day, Paypal emails me saying:
"Since it is against PayPal Policy to have
both the merchandise and the refund, we ask that you return the refund to the seller."

..eventhough I dont have/never recieved the item. Anyone who knows me knows I'm vigilante about keeping track of things/feedback/and all that goes with ebay.

I emailed paypal customer service under the fraudlent email tab. Because, that was the most applicable. Their email is bullshit. They decided the seller owed me money and the seller gave me a refund.. CASE CLOSED.

They can't take the money from me, can they? Anyone have any thoughts/ideas?
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