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Here's a dilemma, of sorts.

I currently work for a major university in the north-east of the United States, and use a telephone that USED to be the number for a doctors group over six years ago.  I currently have the number, so it should be obvious that I am NOT...a doctors office.

At the beginning, I was receiving about 10 calls a day from patients asking for an appointment with a doctor regarding the patients multitude of problems, most distressing are the ones from the elderly that are hard of hearing and panicking parents when their newborn needs a specialist immediately because it's sick.

Around every three months, (Aetna, Univera, Independant Health...etc...) call to verify doctors information so they can update their listings.

If these health care providers are doing this, and I REPEATEDLY inform them that this number is no longer the number for that doctor, and to PLEASE finally remove my number from the listings....WHY do they repeatedly call me to verify the information.

I operate a semi-busy office, and sometimes have to field 50 calls a day to waste my time explaining this to them.

After ten of those calls to PLEASE do so, I do manage to get a little impatient.

Do not call me uncooperative when I've even gone through the trouble to inform them of updated numbers (which, in fact, is NOT in my job description!).

Their uncooperative attitude of "yeah yeah, we'll take care of it" leaves a bad taste in my mouth if they expect me to sit their and take care of their mistakes while their customers are inconvenienced having to deal with an irate person that has nothing to do with any of the process of them to make any appointments.

Geeeeez!!!! GET A CLUE!

(Since writing this message, I've already gotten five six calls for information verification)

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