Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor (kwanboa) wrote in bad_service,
Mr. Dr. Grumpy Mister, M.D. aka the Twelfth Doctor

Oh look, more bad fast-food service.

My roommate and I were at the mall, right before it closed. We were not sure we wanted to cook when we got back home, and the campus cafeteria shuts down at 6. Being as it was 20 til, we figured we'd miss that. So...McDonald's was the thing.

Normally neither of us eats at Macca's, we just don't go there. So this was the first time in about a year for me. I remembered WHY I only go once a year.

First off, the cashier responded to my simple question "Do you still sell poutine?" with an abrupt "NO." Well, excuuuuuuuuuuse me. So I order a large fry and a large Coke. She did not ask me if it was for here or to-go, therefore I get my food slapped on a large tray, which is just fabulous for a cane user who only has one hand to do the grabbing with. She saw my cane, I know, because I saw her eyeing the stickers on it critically as I hobbled up. (Get fucked, four eyes. I love my stickers.)

To add insult to injury, when I held my hand out for my change, the bitch slapped it down on my tray. She brushed my hand with hers doing so. Keep in mind that I HANDED her my money like a civilized person. So that was fun, as I had to pick the change up, put it in my purse, grapple my tray carefully under my arm, and hobble off to the nearest table. I figured asking her for a to-go bag would cause her to have a fit reminiscent of the one thrown by Andy in Wet Hot American Summer when Beth asks him to pick up his food. So I dealt, and my roommate got a McFlurry that wasn't flurried...didn't even seem like it had been stirred all that well.

Yes, I understand it was pretty busy, and that there was a pack of rugrats back in the back having a party. But get over yourself, you're getting paid to serve me. I don't expect cheeriness or kissing my ass, but I'd like to be handed my change when I gave you the same courtesy.

Additionally, this Macca's has replaced the typical PlayPlace with a room containing an air hockey table and video games. Way to go, let's just dig ourselves further into the most-obese-province-in-all-of-Canada classification!
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