semi-charmed (redbrastrap) wrote in bad_service,

My mom was hit up by a door-to-door cleaning supply sales man. He was a middle aged tall African American man and he was very good at his job, I mean he had my mom sold until she asked for an order form so she could order later.
At that point he because irate and said "I'm not making any money if you buy it directly from the company, it's because I'm a n***er, isn't it?! You just don't want to buy it from a n***er!" At that point my mom asked him to leave our property and he did.
I'm sorry, but I HATE it when people play the race card. My mom didn't have an immediate need for what he was offering, and it's not offensive to want to order later is it? If you don't like getting paid on commission, get another fuckin' job!
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